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Matilda's going on Tour! 


1849 . . . Matilda Sheldon, the middle daughter of the sixth Earl of Bisset, has never been interested in the fashionable society events that so preoccupy her parents and siblings. Her loving, albeit, daft family cannot understand why.  But Matilda has little use for silly rules and dramas. She would rather occupy her time with a worthwhile cause such as opening The Sheldon Home for Orphans, much to the chagrin of her mother and grandmother. They are quite certain a venture of this nature will discourage suitors. Matilda is quite certain that if suitors are discouraged it is because she is clever, plain, a bit clumsy, and inevitably compared to her beautiful sisters.

The Duke of Thornsby is in tight spot. After receiving the title on the death of his father, he discovers the inheritance is to be gifted elsewhere if he does not marry before his thirtieth birthday. Unfortunately, our man-about-town is embroiled in a scandal, not of his own making, and the marriage mamas won’t let any eligible misses anywhere near him. What’s a Duke to do? Get invited to a house party hosted by the notoriously absent-minded Earl of Bisset, who just happens to be Papa to some young ladies of marriageable age!

Thornsby finds himself fascinated, not with the two Sheldon debutantes actively seeking a husband, but rather with the ‘brown wren’ he first mistakes for a servant. Matilda is counting the hours until the house party ends when the necessity of conversing with the guests will be over, and ridiculously handsome men go far away. Can a worldly Duke convince a sensible girl to accept his court? Find out in Charming the Duke.

I'm very excited to announce I'll be reading from Charming the Duke at the Lady Jane's Salon Wilkes-Barre/Scranton chapter on Thursday, July 3rd at 6 pm. This chapter meets monthly at the Bartolai Winery. What a great way to start your 4th of July weekend!  




 I'm so happy to say I'm part of a brand new blog featuring 15 terrific, historical romance writers with stories from every time period and at every heat level. We officially opened on Monday, March 3rd and have posts by all our authors and special announcements about new books and discounts so you can check in often. We'll be doing some fabulous prizes beginning in April. Please stop by and be sure to follow Embracing Romance so you don't miss out on any news! We're giving away a Kindle this month! Stop by!



                Romancing Olive           

       Train Station Bride 

         Reconstructing Jackson 

"I just loved this book. The ending was so beautiful.

After reading it I bought Romancing Olive and I could not put it down -  my life, my home, came to a stand still. I cried the last 30 pages.

I now declare you are my favorite author."

 Reader Joann Maggio 
Cross the Ocean